Behind the Wall of Illusion

Behind the Wall of Illusion

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The religious, occult and esoteric world of the Beatles

is pleased to announce the launch of
Behind the Wall of Illusion – the religious, occult and esoteric world of the Beatles
It will be launched by Prof Eoin Devereux of the University of Limerick
Sunday 8th April 3.00pm at The Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick
Part of what makes the Beatles so special is that no matter how much you know about the band already – no matter how many times you’ve listened to their songs, no matter how many books about them you’ve read, no matter how much trivia you know, no matter how long you’ve analysed them – there are always new things to learn.
In Sean MacLeod’s new book on the Fab Four, Behind the Wall of Illusion – the religious, occult and esoteric world of the Beatle, he takes us not only behind their music and personalities but examines the phenomenon that was the Beatles and puts them into perspective as heralds of a new age and conscious development of mankind. You will be surprised, shocked and excited as you read how the Beatles expressed a modern take on the ancient Greek god Dionysus; the symbolism behind the song ‘Yellow Submarine’; why the Beatles’ long hair cultivated spiritual connotations, and much more.
Sean MacLeod is a singer/songwriter/musician, author, music producer and lecturer from Dublin, now living in Limerick, Ireland. Sean has been writing and producing music for more than twenty five years. This is Sean’s third book on the music industry. His previous books Leaders of the Pack: Girl Groups of the 1960s and Their Influence on Popular Culture in Britain and America (2015) and Phil Spector: Sound of the Sixties (2017) received critical acclaim.
Sean MacLeod is available for interview.
It is available to buy online at and from all usual outlets.
For further details: Dominic Taylor; Tel: 087 2996409; E:

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