He Brought his Limerick to Limerick from Copenhagen!

He Brought his Limerick to Limerick from Copenhagen!

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The power of the little five line verse known as the limerick to attract visitors to the region was demonstrated in no uncertain terms Saturday 17th August as writer Clause Ankersen from Denmark made his way to Limerick from Copenhagen to take part in the Bring Your Limericks to Limerick final, held in Dolans Music Venue.

This was his first visit to Limerick, and Ireland, but his association with the verse form goes back a bit.  In 2014, he published a full collection of new Danish limericks, titled Kong Ho & Ko. – Nye Danske Limericks (King Ho & Co. – New Danish Limericks) (Shooting Press Gallery, 2014) He is also an established  writer, poet, artist, performer, literary activist and -translator. He writes bilingually and works internationally, having performed his poetry at literature festivals in 19 countries around the world. He is the author of twelve books, and selected material  have seen translation into 12 languages.

So what did he think of Limerick? “I truly enjoyed my first impression of Ireland and Limerick. I was amazed by the warmth of my reception from the organisers of the Limericks Festival to the ordinary man in the street. I thoroughly enjoyed my rather quick visit, but intend to come back again and explore more of your beautiful country” he said.

What was it like to taking part in the competition? “I found the atmosphere very congenial, and the atmosphere upstairs at Dolan’s was almost a summation of the general good natured atmosphere and congenial spirit I found to permeate the city outside. I had many a good chat with fellow limerick writers, and was delighted in meeting fellow aficionados of this very special form”

The competition, organised by the Limerick Writers’ Centre, attracted over 400 entries from all over the world. The principle aim of the Bring Your Limericks to Limerick Competition is to continue to develop the concept of establishing Limerick as the only place in the world that has given its name to a literary form, giving us a readymade branded product suitable for attracting visitors to the city and region.

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