The Acoustic Club Tues 5th Nov 2019 9pm

The Acoustic Club Tues 5th Nov 2019 9pm

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The Acoustic Club at Charlie Malone’s Bar, Wolfe Tone St., Limerick
Tues 5th Nov 2019 9.00pm.
Anne Rynne – singer/songwriter

Delighted to come back to the Acoustic Club. Since my last visit I started writing songs and have recorded them. My new album is called OH LIFE! So a whole new array of songs to sing for the fine listeners in Limerick. I pinch myself every day
unable to believe this new life I have. Music, singing, writing songs, such a privilege and I am so grateful that people are happy to listen to me. To see people swaying to my songs is wonderful.

All aspiring songwriters, musicians and singers are invited to attend and play in front of a live audience.

Please note musicians attend and perform purely on a voluntary basis and the event is designed to showcase the work of aspiring artists. All types of music and singers are welcome.

The evening will feature performers doing short sets of two or three songs. Also “Special Guest” slots where an established performer will perform a set. Host for the evening is Eugene Nolan. The Acoustic Club is a regular feature of the live music scene in Limerick.

The Acoustic Club is an initiative of The Limerick Writers’ Centre.

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