Finnish Born Songwriter is Special Guest at June Acoustic Club

Finnish Born Songwriter is Special Guest at June Acoustic Club

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The Acoustic Club
@ Record Room, The Commercial Bar,
47 Catherine Street, Limerick
TUES  20th June 2023  8.30pm
Songwriter Open-Mic Plus Special Guest songwriter Jenny Räisänen,.

Prepare for a captivating summer evening as The Acoustic Club, renowned for its songwriter open-mic sessions, gears up to present a remarkable event on June 20th at the prestigious Record Room, nestled within The Commercial Bar on Catherine Street in Limerick. This special occasion will feature a truly exceptional guest artist, Jenny Räisänen, who has her roots in Finland but has found her artistic haven in Limerick, Ireland.

Jenny’s musical journey has been profoundly influenced by her childhood spent amidst the enchanting Finnish forests. Her unique folk-pop style has struck a chord with Irish audiences, resonating deeply within their hearts. In 2022, Jenny proudly graduated from the esteemed University of Limerick’s Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, where she pursued a Master’s Degree in Songwriting under the guidance of esteemed mentors Carl Corcoran and Steve Ryan.

What sets Jenny apart is not just her melodic prowess, but also the profound narratives woven into her music. Each song she shares carries a depth that can only be achieved through personal experiences and a genuine quest for authenticity. For her performance on June 20th, Jenny will be accompanied by the talented Juhani Konttinen on the guitar and Eilidh Pope on the violin, enhancing the sonic tapestry with their own artistry.

This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to witness the magic of a truly unique artist and her enchanting music. The event welcomes all with open arms, and entry is free of charge. The doors will swing open at 8:00 PM, beckoning you into a night of pure musical bliss.

However, The Acoustic Club is not just about showcasing established talents; it also serves as a platform for aspiring songwriters, musicians, singers, and community artists to shine in front of a live and appreciative audience. Regardless of your preferred genre or style, if you have a burning desire to share your musical creations, this event warmly invites you to take the stage. Each performer will have the opportunity to showcase their talent through short sets comprising two or three songs.

If you wish to secure a performance slot or have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Dominic Taylor, the organiser of The Acoustic Club, at Alternatively, you can simply arrive early on the night and express your interest. The doors will open at 8:00 PM, and the vibrant atmosphere will eagerly await your arrival.

It’s essential to note that The Acoustic Club is an initiative of The Limerick Writers’ Centre, an organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting artistic expression. The event operates on a voluntary basis, with musicians attending and performing out of sheer passion for their craft. This gathering aims to create a nurturing environment where aspiring artists can flourish and share their talents with an appreciative audience.

For further information and updates, please visit the Facebook page of The Acoustic Club at There, you’ll find an array of details that will deepen your connection to this extraordinary musical community.

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