Poetry Rekindled: A Gathering at the Whitehouse Bar this August

Poetry Rekindled: A Gathering at the Whitehouse Bar this August


Poetry Rekindled: A Gathering at the Whitehouse Bar this August

Embrace the magic of poetry as it makes its triumphant return to the Whitehouse Bar on Wednesday, August 2nd, at 7.30 pm, marking the arrival of the ‘First Wednesday Series’ – a new regular poetry reading event to look forward to. This captivating series, skillfully organized by the Limerick Writers’ Centre and Lime Street Poets, promises a delightful evening featuring a distinguished guest poet each month, accompanied by an open-mic session, inviting anyone from the audience to share their own poetic musings.

The Whitehouse Bar has always held a unique allure as a meeting place for creative souls, fostering lively discussions and social connections in a cozy pub nestled in the heart of the town. In 1954, Desmond O’Grady laid the foundation for ‘The Poetry Circle,’ a momentous step as poets had long ceased reading their verses in public houses since the golden days of Irish Gaelic poets, centuries gone by. That initial revival served as a beacon of inspiration for countless young poets, urging them to persist in honoring Limerick’s rich literary heritage.

Fast forward to 2003, when Barney Sheehan sparked a poetic resurgence with the ‘White House Poetry Revival,’ igniting a passion for verse in a new generation of poets, until its untimely demise in 2017. But now, six years later, this new reading series emerges, striving to provide a haven for aspiring poets to share their creative expressions.

Join us on Wednesday, August 2nd, at 7.30 pm, as we kick start the series with the remarkable presence of Eamon Carr – a poet, journalist, art historian, and founding member of the legendary Celtic Rock band, Horslips. Be enchanted as he unveils the poetic wonders from his new collection, ‘Foundation Song,’ published by Revival Press.

After the featured guest’s reading, the spotlight shifts to you. If you wish to take the stage and weave your verses into the night’s tapestry, then secure a reading spot in advance. Email us at limerickwriterscentre@gmail.com to reserve your spot at the open-mic.


For further inquiries and details, feel free to contact Dominic Taylor at 087 2996409 or D’or Selfer at 08? ???????

Let’s come together and celebrate the revival of poetry at the Whitehouse Bar, creating a memorable evening where words intertwine with hearts and souls.