Poetry Reconvenes at White House Bar: September’s Poetry Gathering

Poetry Reconvenes at White House Bar: September’s Poetry Gathering


Following the triumphant debut of the ‘First Wednesday Series’ in August at the White House Bar, 52 O’Connell Street, Limerick, we’re thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited sequel. On Wednesday, September 6th, at 7:30 pm, the second chapter of this captivating series unfolds, graced by the presence of the much admired, Greg Delanty, a top poet hailing from Cork, Ireland.

Our distinguished guest, Greg Delanty, a poet of international acclaim, boasts an illustrious career spanning two nations. Born in the heart of Cork City, he maintains dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States since 1986. His poetic journey has yielded remarkable works such as Book Seventeen, The Ship of Birth, and No More Time, earning him an array of prestigious accolades, including a coveted Guggenheim Fellowship. Currently, he imparts his poetic wisdom at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, a beacon of literary inspiration. Anticipation mounts as we await his forthcoming title, The Professor of Forgetting, slated for release by LSU Press.

In the wake of our featured guest’s recital, the limelight turns to you, the poetic souls who grace our gathering. Should you yearn to illuminate the evening’s canvas with your verses, we extend the opportunity to secure a reading spot in advance. Given the enthusiastic turnout of thirteen poets at August’s open-mic session, we recommend early reservation to ensure your moment in the spotlight. Kindly reach out to Dominic at limerickwriterscentre@gmail.com to reserve your  spot at the open-mic segment.

This enthralling get together is once again orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of the Limerick Writers’ Centre and Lime Square Poets, overseen by gracious hosts, D’or Seifer and Lauren McNamara. Together, we cultivate an atmosphere where words meld seamlessly with hearts and souls, crafting an unforgettable tapestry of human expression.

For inquiries and further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Dominic Taylor at 087 2996409 or D’or Seifer at dorseifer@gmail.com. Mark your calendars, for on September 6th, we converge anew at the White House Bar, to celebrate the renaissance of poetry, where verse and spirit entwine in harmonious celebration.