Countless Mirrors by Pratyay Raha

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The purity of fire that burns the body with the birth of words, also creates an illumination that makes poetry live, grow and bloom. That life has a rhythm of its own. Pratyay’s poetry is unique in the same way, as it has a beautiful synthesis of rhythm-music-painting.

– Nilimesh Ray, Teacher

Pratyay’s writings have always called out to my soul. His ingenious and prolific poems are examples of true art being extant! I hope this book reaches all over the world, and it gets all the accolades it deserves…

– Subham Kanjilal, Musician

Pratyay is a man of strong thoughts and emotions, which seamlessly get portrayed in his writings. His honesty reflects in his work, gives them a soul, something which is very rare to find. Warmest congratulations on his achievement.

– Somrita Saha, Technical Consultant


Pratyay Raha is a creative artist who keeps searching for a different realm of existence within the cacophony of this world’s perceived realities.

His home country is India but he is now studying Composition and Creative Music Practice at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Though he completed his graduation in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, his passion for music, sound and creativity has made him choose this path for the next part of his life. Poetry has a very special place in his existential canvas and he tries to articulate his ideas through his music, words and poetry. Carrying a rich legacy of poetry from his hometown Kolkata (India), his writing is inspired by the path breaking works of legendary poets from India and around the world. This is his first poetry book collection and this journey will continue. His quest for a surreal world and his resistance against discrimination, injustice and exclusion will keep ringing in his poetry forever.


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