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Falling into Place

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ANTON FLOYD was born in Egypt, a Levantine of Irish, Maltese, English and French Lebanese descent. Raised in Cyprus, he lived through the Cypriot struggle for independence and the island remains close to his heart. With the outbreak of intercommunal hostilities in 1963, his family was evicted at gunpoint from their Nicosia home by Turkish Cypriot militiamen, making them refugees in a divided capital. Despite this trauma to the city Nicosia has remained an international city. Friends came from all over the world so that it became second nature for him to view the earth as one country and humankind its citizens.

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Anton Floyd’s debut collection of poetry ‘Falling into Place’ has been described by William Wall as having :

‘…its foot in the political and civil strife of Cyprus and its head and heart in the spiritual and physical peace of the West Cork hills, this book is an Odyssey for our times. Love, loss, family and displacement are its themes. Floyd has a gift for music and precision that makes this collection both delightful and illuminating.’