Farewell Ink

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Michael John (MJ) McGrath is an Irish novelist, playwright, poet and short story writer who has had his work featured in publications such as Roadside Fiction, Writing Raw, The Ogham Stone and Literature Today. His first novel The Clock Tower was released in 2017 and this was followed by his debut short story collection All About Town (LWC) in 2019. His debut poetry collection Enjoy the Rain was released in 2021. He is the founder and presenter of the Sleep With MJ podcast on Acast.


Farewells are often the most difficult experiences we encounter as humans. Be they farewells to relationships, friendships, or the ultimate farewells as people pass away from this life. In this new collection of short stories set on the east coast of Ireland, award winning writer MJ McGrath explores the breadth of circumstances that lead us to say goodbye to a person, an idea or a dream. Or sometimes, all of these together.


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