Four Limerick Plays. Edited by John Murphy

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The life and times of a Limerick pork butcher. Bingo becomes a community for a diverse group of women. An older man learns to embrace his long- hidden sexuality. A woman topples deeper into loneliness.

Four stories. Four plays. Different voices. One town. Our town. Limerick.


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Sometimes a place gets under your skin and crawls around like an insect. You scratch but it doesn’t go away.

Mike Finn

I hear mammy singin and she’s lyin in the bath splashin water she must think she’s swimmin the Lantic  sea.

John Murphy

Do you know how to play bingo, you do? Well if you don’t, what are ye doing here? I’m only slagging with ye!

Carrie Barrett

I look at him and I see a life. It’s strange, but getting to know him, I seem to have got to know myself.

Myles Breen


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