Gabriel’s Lark

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Gabriel’s Lark is a dramatic and, more often than not, humorous novel about travel, independence, the struggle to find employment, and the dedication to family life. Its narrative weaves its way from the Ireland of the 1970s and ’80s, across continental Europe where adventures and hijinks lay waiting for Gabriel Costello, a young father and husband with an itch for adventure and a responsibility to provide for his family.

Gabriel’s descent into chaos amid a snapshot of Europe will have you gripping to turn the page. From drunken misadventures in France to brushes with the law in Germany, there is no shortage of excitement in J. Vincent Moran’s debut novel.


John Vincent Moran is a Limerick-born, UK-based journalist who has worked as staff reporter and feature writer for newspapers internationally – Ireland (Limerick Leader and Sligo Champion), Australia and the United States – and has over the years freelanced for a variety of publications, including trade, literary and music magazines.

A classical guitarist and singer/songwriter, he has performed and recorded music around the world, from the sun-drenched coasts of Australia to the dark smoky bars of the Bronx, much of his works drawn from a lifetime of experience echoing the vicissitudes of a soul infected by wanderlust.

He is father of five children scattered across the globe – the USA, Germany, Denmark and London.