Slipstreaming (In the West of Ireland) by Jim Burke and John Liddy

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In 1972, driven by a desire to break free from constraints and delve into their poetic selves, the authors, Jim Burke and John Liddy, set out from Limerick on their bicycles, venturing through the wondrous terrain of the West of Ireland. Their journey was documented with reflections, resulting in this retrospective fifty years later, rich in prose and poetry. John and Jim, as kindred spirits, celebrate the enchantment of Connemara and Clare, navigating between gathering seaweed and marvelling at beautiful lofty things.


Jim Burke, was born in Limerick, Ireland, where he continues to live
today. In 1975 he and John Liddy co-founded The Stony Thursday Book,
one of Ireland’s longest-running poetry journals. After an invitation from
John and Liam Liddy in 2005 to become involved in a 30th Anniversary
edition of The Stony Thursday Book, Jim rekindled his earlier interest in
poetry and signed up for a distance-learning course at the University of
Lancaster, where he studied with Elizabeth Burns and Jane Eagland.

John Liddy, born Youghal, County Cork, grew up in Limerick, took a
degree with The University of Wales, lives in Madrid where he worked as a
Teacher/Librarian. Between Boundaries (Nora McNamara, printed by The
Limerick Leader (1974) and Arias of Consolation (Revival Press,2021/22)
he has published twelve Poetry books, a collection of stories for children
Cuentos Cortos en Ingles: Los Sonidos de los Vocales (Bruno, 2011), edited
with Dominic Taylor 1916-2016 An Anthology of Reactions and Let Us Rise
1919-2019 An Anthology Commemorating The Limerick Soviet 1919