Limited Edition of 50 Hardback ‘Arias of Consolation’ Numbered and Signed by John Liddy and John Shinnors

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This unique limited edition of 50 copies of John Liddy’s book length poem ‘Arias of Consolation’ is numbered and signed by John Liddy and artist John Shinnors, who provided the drawings for the book.

Across eight movements, Arias of Consolation by John Liddy is an epic poem. Beautifully embellished with work by the renowned artist John Shinnors, it is, arguably, the most important poem written about Limerick since the publication of Bard Hogan’s ‘Drunken Thady and The Bishop’s Lady’ in 1861.  Given the city’s long tradition of musicality, stretching from its smoky dancehalls on the Ballysimon Road and Mulgrave Street to the sean-nos inflected voice of  The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan; from its many musical societies to the Hip Hop of the Rusangano Family; from the Plain Chant recitals led by Professor King Griffin to the sublime voice of Denise Chaila,  it is entirely fitting that Liddy has used the term ‘Aria’ and the ghost voices of many singers surface in the poem. (from the Foreword by Eoin Devereux)


John Liddy (1954) grew up in Limerick, moved to Madrid in the early eighties where he worked as a teacher/librarian and has a degree from the University of Wales. He published many collections of poetry in English and Spanish and a book of stories for children. With Jim Burke he founded and edited The Stony Thursday Book and is on the advisory board of The Hong Kong Review. All his Spanish-related poems have been collected in a forthcoming book called Spanish Points.


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