Mathic by Donal O’Flynn (available to pre order)

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Mathic is a new 300 page book of poetry and prose written by poet Donal O’ Flynn. The book explores various subjects of the supernatural through imagined discussions between four companions. O’ Flynn spent twelve years writing the book, during which he extensively researched world mythologies, religions, and man’s relationship with the supernatural. The book was influenced by publications such as “Man, Myth, and Magic” and writings on mythology by Joseph Campbell. It delves into questions about the existence of God, intelligent life in the universe, the purpose of life, and the power of the human mind. The composition of the book was also influenced by various other writers and their works.


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Donal O’Flynn is the author of three previous poetry collections published by Revival Press “Lost Grace” (2009), “The Tailor and Ansty Poems” (2011),and “Random Inspirational Words” (2014). Donal has been a regular attendee at poetry workshops and readings,
and been published in several anthologies and journals by The Schoolyard Scribblers, The Scattered Scribblers, Voices, Microphone On, Revival Literary Journals, Newspapers, etc. His poems vary widely in style; ranging from strict structure to free verse. Donal tries to make time, to draft out a poem every day.

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