News From Inside

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News from Inside is a collection of poems that talk to each other just like trees do, according to the author, Greg Carey. The poems talk to each other across big themes such as memory and hope, despair and joy, death and life, time and eternity, but also in those unrepeatable moments of pleasure, suffering, insight, and remembrance of others gone into the dark and brought momentarily into the light or better the half- light.

News from the Inside is a celebration of exteriors as well as interiors, for the self is given and primed in encounter, and comes to itself in celebration.

—Professor Cyril O’Regan Notre Dame University.


Greg Carey is a poet and artist originally from Limerick now residing in Shannon Co. Clare. For many years Greg devoted his time and commitment to running his own company. However, in parallel with these commitments he has augmented his primary degree in English and Philosophy to gain an M.A and PhD in philosophy. Additionally he has also trained and qualified as a psychotherapist.