Pulling Back the Clouds

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This is the story of Michael Kelly, collector and curator of the die-cast model aircraft display in Shannon Airport’s Departure Lounge. From his native Limerick Michael networked and befriended some of the world’s most renowned model aircraft distributors and the collection has some of the rarest and most prized aircraft models in the world. The dream, which began when he was a boy, has come to be realised by mutual collaboration with the Airport Authority and is a “must see” for all who pass through Shannon Airport.

This is the story of this remarkable man and the times he lived through.

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“This collection is an obsession, an act of love by Mike Kelly…and it has found its home here in Shannon Airport.”

– Niall Maloney, Operations Director, Shannon Airport.


























Mike Kelly was born in the 1950s at a time when aviation was about to herald in a golden age in air travel. Shannon Airport was in its infancy when Mike was bitten by the bug for all things aeronautical.

For over 45 years he has collected die-cast model aircraft, amassing over 2,300 individual models and spending an estimated €500, 000 in the process. It is the largest public display of die-cast model aircraft in the world.








































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