Soul Songs

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Soul Songs…places the poet and the reader very much in the moment at this particular point in history. But Beville understands that the present, and therefore any potential future, is shaped by what went on before, and for this reason memory plays a major part in how the poet addresses the current state of affairs, both private and public. Whether the mood is contemplative, yearning, hopeful, or humorous the poet fixes a clear eye on his subject and brings a finely honed measure to his craft. He is at home in the natural world as much as in the world of politics and social affairs. He has a keen eye for image and his ear is attuned to the rhythms of language.These poems are lyric poetry in the true sense of the word, heartfelt emotional outpourings of the poet’s soul. I encourage all poetry lovers to take some time to savour his Soul Songs. – Brian Kirk

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Kieran Beville is a former teacher of English (literature and language). He is author of Write Now – A Practical Guide to Becoming a Writer (Limerick Writers’ Centre, 2019) In addition he has published fourteen non-fiction books. He has had poetry published  in Cyphers, Crossways, A New Ulster, Ogham Stone, The Stony Thursday Book, The Sunday Tribune, Pandemic and Live Encounters. His book – Fool’s Gold  was published by Revival Press, 2019,

His latest book is a short biography: Pulling Back the Clouds – Mike Kelly, Collector and Curator of the Die-cast Model Aircraft Display at Shannon Airport, (2020, LWC). Soul Songs is his second book of poetry from Revival Press.

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