The Canary In the Mine

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A diverse collection of Irish emigrants come together in 1950s London. Some are there out of economic necessity while others are there to escape from the claustrophobic society that was Ireland.

Big Dan Sullivan struggles daily to come to terms with a devastating injustice, perpetrated by a so-called pillar of society on the woman he loved. Mickey Murphy escapes the drudgery of farm labouring for the building sites of London only to end up penniless and homeless on the streets of London. Harry Kendy befriended by the ‘Iron man’ of the site finds love and meaning in his life as he is encouraged to return to education by his mentor.

In their daily struggles, the full spectrum of conditions, emotions and feelings are experienced: love, companionship, loyalty, separation, abuse, honesty, deceit, despair, but above all, hope.

They all have a story to tell.

‘Pat Mcloughlin has created vivid images of life in 1950s rural Ireland and the blight of emigration.’ -Dr. Paddy Fulham


Pat McLoughlin was born in Newport, Co. Tipperary but now lives in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. He has written two collections of short stor ies To Weave with Words and From Head to TaleHe has attended creative writing courses at U.L. and at the Limerick Writers’ Centre and is a member of the Desmond Scribblers Writing Group in Newcastle West. The Canary in the Mine is his first novel.


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