The Day’s Worth

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Calvin McManus’s first poetry collection is a stunning revelation of the experience of life in multifarious ways and forms. Throughout the book, deeply moving words – sometimes raw, sometimes tender – touch the young self in us that is reluctant to leave us, and shape new worlds whose images linger on beyond the reading experience. A truly beautiful rendition of his humanity, our humanity, in words
– Óscar Mascareñas

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Calvin McManus is a poet, composer, performer and musician from Co. Cavan, Ireland holding a BA in applied music from Dundalk I.T. and an MA in composition at the University of Limerick. As a writing style, Calvin’s is one of mixed influence and texture. Without adhering to strict form in his poems, the flow of writing is free from obstacle and therefore can express the truest of thoughts within the mind as he brings them forth to the page. Composition takes on many guises in his life as an artist, though driven in the pursuit of contemporary music and sound. As an aspiring poet, his verse has been well received by publishers such as Bealtaine Magazine and A New Ulster Magazine. Calvin’s influence relies heavily on the work of Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Kennelly, Robert Frost, John Cage, Leonard Cohen and W.B. Yeats. Themes of his poems stem from romance and courtship that dwells within youth, empathic perspective, and the nature of people and rural life in his home county of Cavan.


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