The Risen Tree by Bernadette Gallagher

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“The Risen Tree” is Bernadette Gallaghers debut poetry collection. It is thought-provoking contemplative poetry that touches upon themes of nature, growth, and human connection. The poems are inspired by and reference psalm verses from the Bible, giving them a  devotional style. The language is simple yet evocative giving them an intimate, conversational voice. Gallagher has a strong observant eye for small details of nature, which she uses to reflect on humanity.


Bernadette Gallagher was born by the sea in Donegal and lives inland on a hill in County Cork with a view to the Cork and Kerry mountains, working the land beside a small forest that she and her husband planted in the mid-1980s. Her poems have been published in various journals and anthologies. She has received awards from the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork County Council. She enjoys reading her poetry to live audiences whether in Cork at the Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival, Cork International Poetry Festival, The Sahitya Akademi in New Delhi or the Nuyorican Poets Café in New York.

An essay by Bernadette on Dorothea Herbert (1767-1829) is published by Cork University Press in Irish Women Poets Rediscovered: Readings in poetry from the eighteenth–twentieth century edited by Maria Johnston and Conor Linnie.

She has collaborated with painters, composers, and musicians.