Through The Mist Of Time

Through The Mist Of Time

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Through The Mist Of Time is John Carews first collection of poems and stories


John Carew was born near Lough Gur Co Limerick, in November, 1959. He is one of nine children and still lives within sight of Lough Gur. John works as a truck driver for Willowranch Farms of Granagh.

He is a self-taught poet and story teller, and many of his works are influenced by Old Ireland, so his stories are told from memory in the old seanachaí style. John is also influenced by the myths and legends of Lough Gur, and he has a great interest in World War 1 and they are sometimes reflected in his poems and stories. He also likes to write pieces with social comment in them.

John’s poetry has been published in “Revival Literary Journal”, “Poetic Humour”, the “Lough Gur and District Historical Society Journal” and the “Knockainey Journal”.


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