Voices From the Void

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“I rhyme”, said Seamus Heaney, “to set the darkness echoing.” It is an ancient and honourable duty of the poet. Kieran Beville writes poems “…to make the pain rhyme.” I put his book down for a moment when I read that line, all the rhymes for ‘pain’ echoing in the back of my mind, and I settled on the word ‘gain.’ There is much to be gained from reading these quiet, steady reflections on the grief and joy that goes inescapably with being human. Above all, perhaps, what the poet here so amply demonstrates: pain, if we’re able for it, can open the gate to acceptance and understanding of this one and only world we share — and poems can help you to save your own life. — Theo Dorgan


Kieran Beville is a former teacher of English and History. He was also a tutor in the Irish History Department of UCC in the 1980s and lecturer in Masterclasses at the Intercultural Studies Department of Tyndale Theological seminary, Amsterdam, where he taught Hermeneutics and Postmodernism, 2011-2016. His collection of poetry, Fool’s Gold, was published by Revival Press (2019), with an introduction by poet John Liddy, cover design by artist John Shinnors and illustrations by artist Kate Hennessy. His book, Pulling Back the Clouds is a short biography of Mike Kelly, collector of the die-cast model aircraft display at Shannon Airport (LWC, 2020). His second volume of poetry, Soul Songs, was published by Revival Press (2020) with cover design by Syra Larkin and illustrations by Kathy Tiernan. Voices from the Void is Kieran Beville’s third collection of poetry with cover by John Shinnors.


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