Where I’m From by Sheila Fitzpatrick O’Donnell

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This book is much more than a snippet of a poet’s memoir, as exemplified in the title poem, wherein the poet explores the Limerick of a church-ruled childhood with its rebel adolescence and detail of place; followed by poems of protest, social injustice, homage and the poet’s enlightenment in the God Pod of Glenstal and Shanagolden. The book is further strengthened with the excellent, Indigio Child, The Night Shift, Who Do I Think I Am and her legacy My Gift To You, which augurs well for a sequel from the pen of this most confessional and honest of voices. – John Liddy


Sheila Fitzpatrick O’Donnell is a native of Limerick City, now living in Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. She comes from a long line of poets/storytellers; her mother, known as Polly the Poet, encouraged her to pick up the pen. Her works has been published in many anthologies in Ireland and abroad. Winner of the Desmond O’Grady best limerick verse competition 2009. Second place in the Bring Your Limericks to Limerick competition 2010. All Ireland limerick verse competition 2011. The Cuisle International Poetry competition 2012. She has also received a prize in the Jester of the Kingdom poetry competition 2019. Her first collection, A Bouquet of Trilogies, was published in 2010. In 2014 Bridget Wallace and Sheila took their Poetry Chair project to the streets for Limerick City of Culture. Sheila is current travelling Ireland with her Reading At Random project and hosts a rambling house in her cottage in Shanagolden.



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