An Unbreakable Dream by Pat McLoughlin

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A gripping tale that draws parallels between fiction and historical fact, “ An Unbreakable Dream ” delves into the experiences of Irish individuals who were transported to Australia for what are now considered minor offenses. Dr. Paddy Fulham, in the foreword, aptly notes that this work of fiction mirrors the real-life struggles of many Irish citizens during a time when transportation served dual purposes – ridding the country of perceived “troublemakers” while providing a source of inexpensive labour for white Australian settlers.


Pat McLoughlin is an acclaimed author known for his compelling storytelling and deep exploration of historical narratives. “An Unbreakable Dream ” is his latest work that sheds light on a forgotten chapter in Irish history. Pat was born in Newport, Co. Tipperary but now lives in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. He has written three previous collections of short stories “To Weave with Words”, “From Head to Tale” And “Just One More Thing.” His novel “The Canary in the Mine” was published in 2020 by Limerick Writers’ Centre. He has attended creative writing courses at U.L. and at the Limerick Writers’ Centre and is a member of the Desmond Scribblers Writing Group in Newcastle West.