Naming All the Stars

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Mike Roycroft was born in Wolfe Tone Street in Limerick (over Manifold’s shop). After a number of years working in the Limerick Regional Hospital, he went abroad teaching, in West and North Africa (but latterly working as an entertainer in Marrakech hotels). He has travelled fairly widely, from Svalbard to Kyrgyzstan, occasionally climbing unchallenging mountains. He now lives in Nenagh, where he is a member of Nenagh Writers’ Group. He’s been writing prose and poetry for many years and he was one of the featured poets in Sextet 2 (2016). This is his first full collection of poems.



Michael Roycroft’s debut collection of poetry has the intriguing title of Naming All the Stars. But ‘What are the stars?’ to quote a famous line from playwright Sean O’Casey, indeed the title, like the fan-shaped tail of the comet Arend-Roland, the poem which references the title, casts its sparkle on the ordinary which can become the extraordinary. Roycroft writes with insight and compassion about these things including the lives of people, and places, that convey a sense of transcendence and sprinkles the stardust to bring them into the light and makes them accessible and available to the reader. The poems are laced with humour and sadness, with a lot of ‘stars’ getting a mention.


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